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LORD SYDNEY LING. Private advisor, communication expert,promotor,artist. 

Lord Sydney Ling was a very young promotor when he started with his communication services in order to help people with their personal problems and wishes in business and entertainment.

He was raised in several countries and was a personal advisor to international and legendary individuals and started producing solutions and guiding member clients with his amazing communication and public relations skills in 1968 onwards.

Lord Sydney is a highly regarded private advisor and supervisor to selected individuals, families, companies and is recognized for his quality and efficiency on different levels of society. His wise advice has been greatly appreciated by many and over many years. 

Other works and activities over the years.

Apart from the youngest private advisor, communication and public relations wizard in the world, Lord Sydney was also the youngest promotor and advisor in the entertainment industry, a respected entertainment communication executive and presenter. His Lord Sydney Ling presents label is also a prestige presentation name from time to time for other artists and selected media projects. Lord Sydney also entertained many people all over the world with his flamenco shows. Lord Sydney's paintings and drawings are also much appreciated and are to be found in several international and private art collections.

As a private advisor Lord Sydney has been helping out many people, leading personalities and entities, Lord Sydney is also known for his personal tradition in giving away cloth, food and other presents to the poor, families in difficulty, people living on the streets and protecting the lifes of animals. Almost every month Lord Sydney does a little present tour where he hands out a small present or gift wherever he is and when possible. Lord Sydney's unique activities, background,adventures and history are also to be found in many books,magazines or in many Who's Who versions and other respected dictionaries internationally for over 40 years. Lord Sydney has stopped most of his unique services in 1998.
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To read more about Lord Sydney Ling and his earlier activities as a child prodigy we suggest you to visit the Heller and Meyers memory blog/site at
Communication and public relation services. - http://lordsydneyworldcommunications.blogspot.com/ -
Private public relations services and guiding in finance and industry.

Entertainment industry and services. - http://homeofthestars.blogspot.com/ -
Prestige presentations art, media and entertainment.

The private museum for Lord Sydney Ling and his talents, activities,
art collections and memorabilia.
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